To make a person smile is a nature that is too expensive to be bought as there is no silver or gold that has the value to meet its price .Our days are always brighter when we know we are not forgotten by many who have the qualities to make others happy .Giving our extras for the benefit of the less fortunate is a gift that hardly comes our way but when it does happiness and honor is ours. Mr Bill from Australia visited us on the 15th of June with bags of sporting tights and rugby boots which was received with much gladness from the boys. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Bill for coming all the way from Australia to visit us with donations which was much needed for the boys sporting activities. A unique celebration was also facilitated here at the Home for the Golden Jubilee wedding Anniversary to Mr & Mrs Naidu...It was a memorable occasion where they brought their prepared party with their well baked 50th anniversary cake to be shared amongst the boys. It is our prayer that the beautiful couple will have more years to celebrate in their marriage journey. May you be blessed always Mr& Mrs Naidu. Thank your Mr Bill for your generosity.

Mr Bill with the Home Superintendent and the boys receiving the gifts of tights and boots.

Mr & Mrs Naidu celebrating their Wedding Golden Jubilee here at the Home

The boys who were part of the Wedding Anniversary Celebration of Mr & Mrs Naidu

Taking part in the celebration is allowing the boys to give a bite of the cakes to the couple.