We create our own journey but in this home we all need one another and we all help one another grow.

We as individuals write our own story as we journey to our own destinations with every step that we take well stored in the comfort of our memory lane. The story differs to all individuals but our goal is for everyone to beat the odds and become successful in life. Education is the key to our prosperous future and this will only come to handy if we are not distracted to what our past portrays about us and the solid positive nurturing that we are receiving from our care givers. There is always a time for everything as we take one day at a time with the different experiences of life counting ourselves fortunate to be allowed to be somebody unique in this part of the community. We enjoy our days as similar to those children who have the privilege to live with their parents in their homes and with the spirit of sharing and bonding amongst us in the Home,we make it our business to live each day as it comes. We are so thankful that whatever we face in life is actually a challenge for us to be stronger and and optimist in all situations that we encounter. Vinaka to all our key workers for the support and nurturing that we receive as we journey daily.

Sports is also part of our curriculum

Education is a must to all our boys in the Home

Its swimming time with Key workers to cool off the heat

General awareness by the Community Policing from Tauvegavega Police post to the boys

Children also enjoyed watching the the rugby sevens as part of social actvity

Boys were fortunate to have been visited by the Fiji Seven captain ( MR Nacuqu) . They were encouraged to hear of his humble beginnings and how he rose to where he is today.

The Fiji Sevens Captain with the head Boy of the Home- (Zahid)