The site of a rainbow in the sky is a beauty to glance at during its' short span of appearance at any time .It clears the doubt of any bad weather forming and settles a peace of mind which actually no one understands. That is exactly the feelings that is created when we have visitors from overseas who are always keen to visit us with all kinds of donations that they see appropriate to be given to us. We extend our heart felt appreciation to all our friends from overseas and not forgetting the local communities who have space in their hearts to give portion of what they earn to share with us. These visitors are the rainbow strips that takes away the shady cloud of loneliness with the stigma of being in an institution as ours. The smiles on the childrens' faces upon receiving their gifts is undeniable the precious moments of living in our home away from home. A big vinaka vakalevu to all our international friends who may have left our shores after visiting us and not forgetting our local partners around Fiji. A big vinaka vakalevu to all of you. May the good Lord continues to bless each and everyone of you.

Mr & Mrs Ana Krishna from Mel borne Australia with their local relative

The Home Matron receiving the donation from the above couple who are frequent visitors when ever they are in Fiji

Mr & MRs Nain Sandhya Lachon from USA brought in socks, candies and handkerchiefs