There is a verse from a well known chorus that is widely sung by our children and is quoted as "LOVE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU GIVE IT AWAY....GIVE IT AWAY.....GIVE IT AWAY....(repeat 2 times).AND IT WILL ALL COME BACK TO YOU"

That is exactly what transpired to the family of Aman Judge, Amishar Judge,Kunar Judge who resides in the United Sates of America and was motivated with the abundance of love in their hearts that they send their brother Kashir Kamal Judge who is in Fiji to purchase groceries on their behalf and donated them to the Veilomani Boys Home.

Mr Kashir Judge entered the Home Hall on the 15th of Feb at around 1110hrs with their donations and was received with lots of appreciation from the Home Matron( Mrs Luisa Boselawa) and the Home Father ( Tai Cau).We were able to thank Mr Aman Judge through viber which was facilitated by his brother Mr Kashir during the visit . He kindly extended his well wishes to the boys as well as to the staff and is happy that he can be of any assistance to the Home as evident to his kind gesture. We sincerely thanked the Judge family from overseas and also Mr Kashir who is in Fiji for their support and it is our prayer that they will be rewarded in more than 100 folds in the years ahead.

We once again say our Big Vinaka vakalevu to the Judge family and may you continue to prosper in what ever you do. We hope to see you in person if you happen to visit our shores .

God bless you and the families and Dahneavath

Mr Kashir Judge who was requested by his brothers' family in the States to do the visitation on their behalf

Vinaka Sir.

The Home Matron is seen here with the Groceries received from the Judge families from the States and Fiji