The Shepherd and his flock

The evening of Sunday the 20th of Feb 2022 brought brighter rays of light from the Man of God who visited the doorsteps of the Veilomani Boys Home. Darkness was covering this side of Ba as the day of worship has come to an end but the work of the shepherd continues into the early hours of the evening. The Circuit Minister of the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma for the Ba Division ,the Reverend Samisoni Maiqoro and his team visited us in the Home as part of his pastoral obligation .It was a beautiful evening of expressing the love of God by sitting down with the good reverend and having a fatherly conversation to all of us. We were all excited to share a little bit about ourselves which gave an overview of who we are in this beautiful Home. Rev Samisoni was emotional during our talanoa session for he felt the pulse and the challenge on how the love of Christ is best portrayed in such places as this. He saw the need of more pastoring work in terms of visitation and informed his team that they have to work within their circuits in order to facilitate what is required. Rev Samisoni gave words of encouragement to all of us and assured us that the Love of Christ is sufficient and is in abundance to everyone who needs them especially in Homes as ours. He offered a prayer on behalf of all before we retired to our own beds.

Vinaka saka vakalevu na veisiko Turaga nai Talatala Qase ni Wasewase

The Home Matron with the boys waiting for the Circuit Minister's arrival for his visitation

The Methodist Church Circuit Minister for the Ba Division ( Rev Samisoni )is seen here with the Superintendent for the Veilomani Boys Home( Rev Wame Boselawa) during his visit.