It is the work of our hearts that carries a lot of weight then the sound of a loud preaching from the four corners of our safe space. The Home is always the receivers to many who walk the gospel of the heart of Love to those that preaches the word. The Senior Minister of the Methodist Church in the Nadi Circuit( Rev Tevita Ranokoso) visited the Home with his team on the 26th of May.We were so blessed indeed for their kind donations of mats, (3 coco,22 bottles of coconut oil).It is on the same note that the members of the Methodist church from the Tailevu province living in Ba also visited the Home with kind gestures of groceries and toiletries .The team was led by the Minister from Sorokoba Methodist church who brave the cold night in their effort to extend the love of God in their good deeds. There were also individuals and families who were overtaken by the spirit of giving that saw them at our doorsteps with their extended hands of gifts. We would like to take this time to say our big vinaka vakalevu to Vijay Narayan , Patti Prakash,Summan Narayan for the groceries that you brought for our children in the home. Our appreciation is also extended to those who provided food for lunch and dinner to the boys .Your good deeds will be forever debited in our hearts but we know that the good Lord will abundantly bless you in 100 folds in the days a head. We salute you all.

Rev Tevita and his team from the Nadi Circuit visited the Home with gifts of mats and coconut oil.

Methodist church members from the Province of Tailevu visited the Home with groceries and toiletries

Mr & Mrs Lachan from USA with their gifts of Handkerchiefs/socks/candies

Mrs Pillay and her family from Varavu in Ba providing dinner to the boys