The Joy of giving for the benefit of others.

The Veilomani Boys Home is always a center of activities that brings happiness and joy when we see the many faces of visitors from abroad and locally that comes to our doors with provisions of cooked meals and donations of whatever they believed is appropriate to be useful to the children of the Home. We have seen the loving hands of God in the midst of these visitors who give their extras for the benefit of the less fortunate ones in orphanages as ours. There is nothing more beautiful than to see the joy from the faces of our boys when they are being visited by friends and families with donations that are well wrapped all over with love. We understand that life out there in the community is a struggle to many but to have people with the abundance of love flowing from their springs is very much appreciated. The Sorokoba Mens Fellowship with their circuit minister visited the Home with groceries including frozen foods and root crops. The boys were overjoyed to see the fathers who represent the smiling faces of those that at most times we yearn to see but unfortunately its a non issue to many of us due to unforeseen circumstances that we encounter in life. We also wish to thank families and individuals from oversees and those within our backyard who take their time and wealth to come and share their love with us. We know that we don't have anything to give as token of our appreciation but you are always in our prayers. We extend our big vinaka vakalevu to the Bank of Baroda, Ba branch for the provision of dinner, Mr Gynash Mani & Family from Sydney ,Australia, Getesh Prasad from the USA, Vimal Sharma & family form Ba, Mr & Mrs Nilson Kumar from Ba, Abdul & Rozina Samin from Seatle,USA, Rajiv & Renetta with Rajveer & Raonreer from Vatulaulau, Ba,Shalendra Kumar and his family from Rakiraki and not forgetting Dipak Kumar & family from Venus Office Works. A birthday celebration to Avishka' from Jane, Satan & Sharita Famiies, Dannies families who enjoyed the company of the young boys at the Veilomani. That was not the only the birthday celebration that was brought to the Home as Mrs Bina from Vesaru also brought her party to us. Her celebration was a special one to her family as she was preparing for cancer surgery the coming week which was somehow creating a heavy burden to them all. The boys at the Home shared with the heavy burden of her sickness and collectively drew their hands towards her uplifted and uplifting her life to God Almighty

A big vinaka vakalevu to Mr Swastika Nand and his family for the provision of dinner on the 30th of Aug and not forgetting Ronald Ashnnetta and their family with their cash donation of $100 and food, Surendra Lal and family for providing dinner, Resend Naicker & for providing snacks, the Ba Mens Fellowship ( Namosau Indian circuit) for providing lunch on Fathers Sunday. the Prasad's' Curry House for the provision of Palau for dinner, Arvind Ruman with Faruk Bhai and his family, Manoj Sharma and his family, Ramendra Kumar & family for providing dinner, Mark Barilett from Australia and Mahendra Bilimonia. We are so grateful to all of you for and it is our prayers that God Almighty will richly bless each and everyone of you.

Mens 'Fellowship from Sorokoba visited the boys

Kavita Reddy with Radini Talatala with donations

Home father( Tai Cau) with a donated deck for the children

Mrs Bina came and celebrated her birthday with the boys and in return the boys uplifted her life to God in prayer as she was going into surgery the next week.