The greatest pleasure of life is LOVE

Sharing ,Caring and giving are elements of life that well defines a person. They are all act of kindness and they a beautiful fragrance that should be worn daily. It stays on people and places and at the same time reveals beautiful memories of of what we do. Our Home is a typical place where we receive different fragrance of Love when visited by international and local friends when they saw the need to share from the surplus of their barns. The Home is so blessed to receive so much favor from God sent people who has the pleasure of visiting our doors and giving in terms of cash donation, groceries, clothes, fish, oil, mats, sasa ,provided cooked meals and other stuffs that they think useful to us .It is on that note that we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Serua Methodist Circuit Minister and the members of his circuit for their generosity and kind hearts that saw them visiting us with bundles of dalo,fresh fish,sasa,oil and mats. A big vinaka vakalevu to the CMF Nadi members ( these are the members of the church who did not take the Covid injection) because of their faith but they acted out their walk with Christ by visiting us with groceries and toiletries. A big shout to Mr Pooja Prasad for coming all the way from the US with his donations of groceries. We have nothing to give as token of our appreciation but it is our prayers that the God Almighty will continue to guide and bless each of you that have visited us in good deeds and provided dinner during the end of last month with the likes of Mr and Mrs Sastrika Nand from Navatu ,Ba,Mr & Mrs Ashneel Chandra of Namosau, Ba, Mr & Mrs Yogendra Singh and family from Sydney Australia, Mr Amar Singh and Kameslesh Kuar Singh from USA and Ranjit Sing with Harbono Kuar from Ba,Mr Rakesh Kumr, Sakun, Samantha and Anthia from the USA. We are so blessed to receive your kind donations and the pleasure of seeing your beautiful faces draws us near to the beaty of being loved. We salute all of you.

Receiving visitors is always a pleasure that brings smiles to our faces

The beautiful faces from our visitors from Australia

CMF .. Nadi

Serving dinner by our good Samaritans

The Serua Methodist Circuit with the abundance of their Love in gifts.

The Churchward chapel Sunday school members brought to us during their visiting

Sunday school members bringing in their their donation of groceries

The Donors from Australia who funded the Hall that they are looking at

The beautiful faces from our friends who provided dinner and entertainment

Mr Pooja Kumar visiting the boys with donations of groceries.