One of the Sunday school best known lyrics says that.. "Love is something that you give it away …Give it away...."Give it away...."and this is a reality melody to our ears in the Home. Though we may be forgotten to some of our our relatives but w are always blessed to have god sent angles from all over the world visiting our doorsteps portraying the best love that those in our situation ever dream off.

The Home is for ever grateful to those that saw the opportunity to give their extra whether in cash ,kind gestures or donations of their wish. May the Almighty God continues to shower his blessings in whatever you do. .Our heart felt appreciations to all of you and your families.

Vinaka saka vakalevu na yalo ni veisiko.

The Chands Restaurant in Ba hosted the boys to a dinner as we prepare for Psalm Sunday.

Our visitors all the way from Australia (Shane Chanel & Family) who brought in groceries including chocolate,-bed sheets and curtains for the boys rooms

The double celebration of Ratu Jone's grandsons'1st birthday coincided with our Psalm Sunday breakfast .It was breakfast like a King and we sincerely thanked Ratu for mouth melting barbecue sausages, baked beans and cakes.

The birthday that brings joy to our Psalm Sunday with lots of cakes and feasting

Dinner provided by Santa Singh & Family and their group

The Caring families of Mr Sharma visited with groceries for the Home

Mr Punjas and his families visited with groceries ,clothes to the children of the Home

Mr Punjas ( the Director and owner of the Junjas group of companies ) visited with his children