The bond of of love in the Home

The name Veilomani as our institution is referred to speaks volume of what is happening behind the scene in our everyday life. Though we may be away from our parents because of the different circumstances that we face in life, we are in deed grateful to the provisions offered from the workers who are always willing to go the extra mile in accommodating the love that we sometimes miss as part of our growing up. Despite the fact that life out there is difficult with the cost of living rising to unexpected stages, we are indeed thankful to those we refer to as our fathers here in the Home for ensuring that our birthdays are celebrated with a birthday cake with the famous sing along Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. Yes! indeed we are not forgotten though we may be in the orphanage but our Veilomani is well intact. Vinaka vakalevu Home Superintendent and your hard working team for the extra effort.

Abraar Yusuf Samat celebrated his birthday on the 17th of May 2022

Brothers in Arm in the birthday mood

The motherly speech from the Home Cook