Life at the Home is full of activities when our boys participated in during the school holidays. Our mornings will begin with the devotion before our routine falls into places to ensure that the boys are engaged from our domestic chores to cleaning the compound. The boys are always looking forward to their recreation period which gives them the opportunity to mingle with other children of their own ages in the general society. It is a heart warming experience to see the boys enjoy life through proper nurturing here in the home, in the classroom ,in the playing field and else where through the support of the public and the residence care takers.

Life is beautiful when God is in control

The boys are always part of maintaining the cleanliness of the compound

Boys helping out in the claiming of the Home

Some of our children participated in the childhood soccer games during the school holidays

Three of the boys who were part of the child hood soccer games at the Fiji Football Academy

The boys had a cool swim at the Motto river after a hard days work around the HOme

Swimming is always the best recreation during the hot season