Love the life you live

Our journey in life differs and is unique in all situations despite who we are or we may be. This speaks well in our situation of a well knitted family of different backgrounds where we are collectively under one roof because of what life offers to our own circumstances. It is always encouraging to see the nurturing spirirt from our key workers who are always willing to go the extra mile to give the benefit of the doubt to us to be who we are as children who can also take part in the general cleaning of our compound and other work that they see that we can be of assistance to them. We found working with grass cutting machine as enjoyable and at the same time a learning platform to us. Then bond that we create as we spent each day together is something that we we will always cherish as this is who we are in our home away from home. We salute our key workers who are always ready to give us the love that we need and at the same time embracing us with solid food for thoughts that will brighten our future when our term here expires. Life is indeed full of surprises and it is how we counter each day that matters. We will always praise God for His ever ending love that is our portion everyday.

We are also part of the general cleaning of our own backyard. Our boys with the grass cutting machine ready to trim around the Home. Upskilling our own with the machine.

No one is left behind when it comes to cleaning our home. The smallest boy in the Home is seen cutting the grass

Mud play when having rain bath.