Each day is a blessing from God Almighty and we should be happy that we are given with the most previous gift that no one can freely offer which is the breath of life. We should live each day to the fullest and enjoy the opportunity of being somebody special to the Creator wherever we are. Our family here at the Home is well knitted though we have gaps on the way which is part and partial of our daily walk, but we are trying our best to keep up with whatever is happening outside of our Home. The Superintendent and his team are always working hand in hand in their effort to give us the best so when our time here is expired, we have something to take to our own destination. Our days here is full of activities even during school holidays, we are taken to our farm where we are taught to tilt the land ,plant root crops and vegetables. Our time out from the Home to take part in other social activities like swimming , attend family fun day with other families and children of the same neighborhood, attend church services in our nearby churches as well as attending family visit is always something we look forward to as it gives us the beautiful feeling of what relationship and making friends is all about. Doing whatever we think is best to upskill us while under the care of the Home is a beautiful initiative that we are always looking forward to. We are always proud to represent our Home and the school we attend for sporting events and other activities which gives us the recognition that we somebody with talents that can be utilize when tapped correctly. Our school holidays is not a waste as we have routines that keeps us occupied. The cleaning of own backyard especially the airing of our beddings in the sun to ensure that we live up to health standard . We are always challenged to enjoy life as it is for our days are short and we should be happy with the little things that we have . Vinaka boys.

Boys attending a Church Service at a nearby church

Family visit during fun day

Cooking time during the week end

Backyard farming for food security during school holidays

The small boys seen taking part in with the cleaning of their bathroom passage.

Airing beddings in the sun for promotion of health standard is part of the holiday activity.

Cooling off at Motto River in Ba

Zaid was the pride of the Home when he represented his school and the Home for the 10 km marathon in Namosi of which he won the medal. He is also taking part in the Coke games and is running for the 400m and the 4x400m relay. Go Zaid