Our journey through life is a challenge with new interesting things that each day brings. We push ourselves forward and focuses on the Creator, who is the unseen guidance every step of our way. We may be seen as the less fortunate ones in the community but we thank God for He is our provider whose promises are our base that keeps us going for He is the reason of our growing from the day of our admission to where we are today.

We learn new things everyday whether we are in the classroom, playing field ,gardening or in the the comforts of our dormitory. We are so blessed to have key workers who are taking the extra miles in teaching us the basics of lives from personal hygiene, looking after our clothes ,keeping our surroundings clean and ensuring that our spiritual life is fed with the right meal from reading our bible as well as attending the church services in our local church. We are also encouraged to attend the Sunday School classes and other religious programs that will enhance our spiritual growth that will be a beacon of our success. We believed in ourselves for our days ahead will depend on our keep going for that is how we will keep growing. Vinaka to all our key workers for never giving up on

Ironing of uniform is part of our growing up in the Home

Personnel hygiene is important to everyone

Attending Sunday School is part of our program on Sundays

Ensuring that the boys are given proper health treatment whenever the need arises

Completing homework at the vicinity of our Home.

Being part of other childrens activity is always encouraging

The Veilomani Boys were given the honor to hand over the Ba rugby union jersey's to the players was done by the Veilomani Boys before their challenging meet with Yasawa Rugby team.

The beautiful backyard farming of chinese cabbage,Tubua,dhania

Food security is part of our growing physically

The biblical principal of taking the first harvest of farming to the Reverend is much intact