Each day brings a different story to us and that is what will shape your thoughts of the people around us. We count ourself fortunate to be in the Veiolmani boys Home where the significance of our name holds a beautiful fragrance of love and sharing in the principal of living together. We have seen the different phases of what the social life illustrates and what is worth holding on to in our day to day life. Some of us have survived well through the different turbulent of what life brings and we cant' complaint because we know that we are in the good hands of the Almighty God who is taking care of our needs on daily basis. The door of our Home is always receiving much attraction from individuals, groups, families and social clubs who finds it exciting, challenging and interesting to drop by or send kind gestures to portray what their hearts is flooding with in terms of sharing and caring. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who visited us through their donations, providing cooked lunch and dinner as of the likes of the Sewak Family all the way from the USA who sent towels, under garments with ankle socks, Salini and her BSP Social club who again provided uniform and stationaries to the boys for this new academic term, the Naidu Family from Canada with the assistance of their local family ( Reddy Family in Vatulaualau) who provided barbeque lunch to the boys on the last Saturday of the school holiday, not forgetting the Venkat Sammy and his family from Salovi in Nadi who provided lunch on Wednesday the 13th of July, Vinay Rajni Chand from Nukuloa Ba who provided dinner on Wednesday the 13th and not forgetting the beautiful lunch prepared by Mrs Carol West on Sunday the 17th of July.

We salute all of you and it our prayers that the Almighty will continue to bless you in 100 folds in whatever you do in the near future.

The container from the Sewak Family ( USA )with towels, under garments and ankle socks

Mr Venkat Sammy and his family from Solovi in Nadi (represented his daughter from Canada who sent the money for the provision of chicken palau (lunch)

Barbeque lunch provided by the Naidu Family ( Canada) with the assistance of the Reddy family in Vatulaulau

Salini and her BSP social club purchasing new uniforms to our primary school students.