It's not how much we give,but how much love we put into giving.

The act of giving is biblical and is a generous act of the heart and soul to those who practices it. The Home is the receiving end to all generous givers who comes from around the globe, wide and far to give from their barns of surplus . We are forever grateful to the many friends and families who have approached the Home expressing their tone of love in gifts donations. On the 2nd of Oct ,2022 we received donations from Ms Phil Mclndoe , a teacher from the Queenstown Primary School who handed over the stationaries collected from the parents, teachers and students from the NZ school. Mrs Vereivalu from the Admin Office collected the items on behalf of the Veilomani Boys from the Nadi Novatel Hotel. It was a blessings in disguise as it comes handy during the 1 week school holidays and the boys were issued with the pencil cases and its contents on the afternoon prior to the resuming of the last term for the year. The library books were added to the their library stock and the gifts were sure brought smiles to the new academic term as evident to their faces.

To the parents, teachers and students of Queenstown primary school, It is with heartfelt appreciation that your donations were received from the boys and it is our prayers that the good Lord will continue to bless you and may your school excels academically in the years to come.

Madam Phil from New Zealand handing over the donations from the Queenstown Primary school to Mrs Vereivalu (Admin Officer) Veilomani Boys Home

Donations received from Queenstown Primary School were received with smiling faces from our primary school boys.