The different activities that evolves around the Home is what makes our days sweeter as we embarks in to the unknown. We choose to be happy and accept our situations despite what others say for this is where we build ourselves to be somebody that can prove our worth after our time is expired. It is not an easy road but we are happy that at least we have a roof up above us for shelter, food on the table on daily basis ,clothes to wear and shoes on our feet that is more than enough to keep us going . We enjoyed our time of playing rugby at our our own playground with the smaller boys keeping themselves busy at whatever they feel like doing in their free time. Our school holidays were full of activities and every hour is precious when we share the little things we have. We spent our last Friday the 15th of July at the Wailoaloa Beach on a picnic day which was hosted by the Home Superintendent and his team. The day was well spent at the beach, swimming, picking shells, playing and the treat to our barbeque lunch was awesome before we returned to our destination. Our Sunday was well occupied when we took part in the 7: 30am service with one of the key workers who was the preacher for the day. It was a beautiful scene that speaks volume of the nurturing spirit that the workers are offering to enable us to grow with the Lord. We were also invited to be part of a 10 o'clock am service in one of our neighboring church and we felt so blessed to feel the Love of God all around us.

We salute our key workers for the great work that they are doing in guiding us through all odds to give us the best life that we can entertain. Vinaka saka na veiqaravi

Owen leading the service

Time for bible verses each

Special item by the boys with the Home Superintendent and the Key workers

Boys attending the a Church service at one of the neighboring church with the Home Father.

Boys enjoying their time at the Wailoaloa Beach during the picnic

Barbeque Lunch preparation by the Home Matron and Key worker Emosi Bure

Boys enjoying their time at the beach during their picnic

Boys enjoying a rugby game during the school holiday