The beauty of living in our home away from home is full of experiences and life changing process. To many of us here who are the recipients of this beautiful place ,we count ourselves fortunate to be under such arrangement though we may be missing the real things that a well founded family may offer but the beauty of it all is team bonding in the vicinity of our space whether we are at school, playing field on in the garden. Our days here are always full of activities and we are always ready to take in challenges as it comes way. We salute our key care workers who are always willing to teach us the extras from washing of our clothes, cleaning of our sleeping areas ,backyard farming and ensuring that we also have the privilege to attend games whenever is convenient. Vinaka vakalevu na veiqaravi en a veigauna kece sara.

Devotion time is always important as we submit our day to the Creator for his guidance and protection

Backyard farming on Saturday by the boys as we try to sustain our food security by utilizing the land.

Its cooling off time in the Motto river. A deep in the clear clean river at Motto is just awesome as we enjoy the opportunity.

An afternoon well spent by the boys as they were allowed to watch a rugby competition at the Ba market ground in Ba.