Facing out of the old and damage to bring in a new, brighter better place to live in

The Home is in the process of upgrading as we venture into improving the accommodation facilities of the institution. We extend our heart felt appreciation to the IOM for the funded project that is underway which will brighten up the facility upon completion. Vinaka IOM to your ever ending support that have sent forth showers of blessings to the children of the Home. It is not only our physical home that we are upgrading but our spiritual being too is always nurtured to be better as days goes along. The key workers are encouraged to instill good spiritual Godly life as part of a changing process to these boys .It is a challenging work as they have to be a role model to the children in every aspect of what they are teachings. The target is for every children to be groomed to be the best when they leave our door. Vinaka IOM na donated project to the renovation of our kitchen, bathroom and toilet. and also a big vinaka vakalevu to our key workers who are tirelessly working day and night to nurture our children to be a better person upon leaving the institution. God bless us all ..

The renovation project by IOM is underway by a tendered building company

Spiritual feed is the uttermost important aspect of the boys daily grow. Its devotion and prayer time for all.