Life is always a challenge to the dawn of a new day and blessings beyond understanding is the fruit of love that is countless in our daily walk. The Home was honored to be part of the Ba circuit Methodist Church Annual Genial meeting where the boys were invited as the chief guest on the last day of the meeting at Sorokoba village.

The Home Superintendent, Rev Wame gave a presentation regarding the institution to the members of the meeting before the boys and their caretakers were invited to lunch. We were indeed honored to be treated as the chief guest of the day where the lunch top table was specially prepared for us. It was a treat that will be treasured in our memories in years to come .

Our appreciation is extended to the Senior Minister for the Methodist Church Ba Circuit ( Rev Samisoni Daunivala Mainaqoro) for the godly initiative that saw us the children of the Home to be contend in that forum.

Vinaka saka vakalevu.

Some of the boys who were part of the meeting at Sorokoba village church

The children were treated to a special lunch specially for them by the church members