Do something beautiful, it carries a long lasting fragrance behind you.

Giving our best to help others is not easy to come by but is an act of love that is seldom seen in this time where everyone works for a penny so to speak. The Home is always blessed to have willing hearts that portrays love in the form of community work. Our figure fathers from the province of Naitasiri who are residing here in Ba did a tremendous work in our pineapple plantation where they collectively cleared the weed and the surrounding areas as part of their contribution to the operation of the home.It was a beautiful sight and we as the resident of the home were so proud and inspired to know that we are not forgotten as we may be seen as less fortunate in the society, but we have our fathers out there who gave their time to give something positive to us as seen with the products of their cane knives. Vinaka saka vakalevu. We also would like to extend our big vinaka vakalevu to the Social welfare department and the Fiji Police force for their continuous support to our general nurturing in the Home. We are always privilege to have the governments' hand working tirelessly in which ever field they represent in their effort to draw a road map that is suitable for us as residents of the home. The honor is always ours for we know that we are also part of the community that is struggling to be recognize at whatever level of living that we may be. Vinaka saka vakalevu na veiqravi to the Social Welfare Department and to the Fiji Police, Tauvegavega Police Post for your visitation to us during the last week of November. May the blessing of the Almighty be upon all of you as we advance into our advent season

The extra hand from the fathers from the province of Naitasiri in Ba with the Superintendent of the home at the pineapple plantation.

The weeding that saw the clearing of our pineapple plantation from our father figures

The Social welfare personals conducted the file case planning to the boys during the last week of November

The Police officers from the Tauvegavega Police post conducting awareness on assaults / harassment to the boys as part of their community outreach.