Celebration for our two boys great achievement

Tonight marks a great milestone to the Veilomani Boys Home as our two year 12 boys successfully pass their external examination last year 2020. Anthony Michael who is also the deputy headboy of DAV College scores 332/400 while Shahil Ram scores 278/400. That results gives them green light to sit for year 13 external examination this year 2021.

Anthony who spends more than 3 years in the home was transferred to the home from St.Christopher and Shahil who is now spends more than 5 years in the home came from a very poor family background. They should have been board out of the home last year (2020) due to the expired Care Order (they should stay in the home until they reach 17 or 18 years old) and after a successful attempt to Request for extension of Care Order to the Director Social Welfare, they were able to stay again and achieve great marks last year. We also want to thank God and the Director Social Welfare for allowing us to keep them again this year to sit their year 13 external examination.

Tonight we prepare a small party with BBQ to recognize and celebrate their great achievement and also to continue supporting them and the boys for this academic year 2021.

I also reminding the boys that this two boys is now showing a path ways for the rest of their brothers to follow if their education is successfully achieved and their reputation is good.

We also would like to thank our friends for your tremendous support towards the Veilomani Family and has been a great impact to their future endeavors.