The Harvest Sunday in our Christian Calenda is observed by believers in relation to the first fruit offering from the land that they are occupying or residing . It is an act of faith that signifies the relationship between God and man and how that covenant is still fulfilled to this current age. The prosperity of the land and its people is dependable on how believers honor God with the first fruit of their harvest.

The Veilomani Boys Home is fortunate to be recipients of the Harvest offerings from the Methodist churches in the Nadroga Circuit as a token of appreciation to Gods love to them. It was a blessings from Heaven to be part of the Harvest Sunday in the Methodist church calendar that glorifies the work of God from His body the church in all divisions .We were indeed honored and grateful to the Methodist Nadroga Circuit for walking the word of God by visiting us with their Harvest products as their way of glorifying God. This has been a continuous act from the division during this time of harvesting when they bring their offerings to the children of God who are less fortunate in the society but so precious in the sight of the Almighty. We extend our gracious and heartfelt appreciation to the circuit minister who sent his team led by the circuit Tuirara Levu for the great and abundance gifts of offering in terms of harvest that you brought to us. We were so touched by your kindness and the reflection of your love to us that gives us the satisfaction that we are not forgotten by our church leaders despite our situation. We pray that the Almighty God will continue to bless the circuit and all its activities in the days ahead,

Once again. Vina du riki na loloma. God bless.

The Fruit of Harvest Sunday from the Methodist Nadroga Circuit taken with Superintendent of the Home and the boys

The presentation of the Harvest offering to the Home Superintendent