Being Creative is part of learning

Education is a process where all of our children have the right to attend from pre school to tertiary levels. It is our responsibilities as parents and care takers to ensure that all children are encouraged to to attend school irrespective of where they are and whatever their background offers. The Home also accommodates children from various background with untapped gifted protentional that blends well to our environment . Some of the boys who are not so good in the classroom have very strong hands in the garden while others are good with art work and in the playing fields. We are now in a modern society where we have children who are slow in thinking but are able to attend special schools that are available to accommodate them. It is therefore everyone's responsibility to ensure that our children have the best education available to prepare them achieve the dreams of their tomorrow. The Home is always proud to see the achievements from individuals who excels in the classrooms as well as in the field as this is a positive reflection of the work that they are doing.

Talents within- Owen drawing a flag for their school Zone meet

The completed flag by Owen for the Zone meet

Primary school students Swan & Jimilai taking part in the soccer practice at the Academy

Zahid proudly showing his medal that he won from the Namosi marathon