Our Role during COVID19 Lock-down

Our parental role to our 22 boys during this lock-down period was a very challenging and crucial role to play compared to my last four years in this home and I always pray to have eyes that see the best in this children, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God. They play everywhere, in the living room, sleeping room (pillow fighting), dining room and during their special duties and devotion. They fight and use vulgar language and calling each other’s parents’ name and even punching each other when the other team lost in a game. They break glasses, cups and even our new solar hot water system pipes were broken. We have a huge responsibility to care, counseling, tutoring and mentoring these children whereas, we must not forget that most of them came from broken and abusive home. They need our attention, love and care. As Plato mention, I quote, ‘

We appointed monitors such as Sleeping room monitor (Shahil), Study time monitor (Shivam), Living room monitor (Anthony), Dining room monitor (Jay), toilet/bathroom monitor (Sali), sleeping time monitor (Zahid). Their role is to assist us in supervising the children in those allocated areas. We also give detentions and punishment for those who are mischief and disobedient in the home and reward those who are good behavior.

Even though we had tough times and as well make tough decisions, but we also had times of fun and the boys are also very helpful and very supportive. We thank God that nobody was sick or admitted to the hospital and they are healthy and well. We were also able to cope with the programs that were prepared for this lock-down.

Our new green-house almost finish

Our new green house is almost finish

Uncle Emosi (home key-worker) helps Nikhil for his holiday assignment.

Bee keepers team checking our bee hives for some honey during this COVID19 lock-down.

My wife playing with the boys every afternoon after a hectic day of work in the farm with the boys

Boys are briefed by Owen how to wash our hands during this COVID19 lock-down

Lovo for dinner

Dinner prepared for our 22 hungry boys.

My wife smiling in front our our green house

M wife ready to help me and the boys to complete the green house

Boys continue to build a green house

Me and my green house team continue to build the green house

10 new beds with 10 covered mattresses sponsored by Denarau Corporation limited

New pot-plants ready to be on sale

My wife inside her new green house after completion.

Playing volley ball during sports time in the afternoon

Ilisoni serve the ball back to the other team while others ready to hit back.

Kavekini try to serve the ball to the other side of the net.

Avikash and Graham picking dry leaves while Calvin and Jimi looks on

Jay and Uncle Harold (Key worker) starts cutting grass

Zahid try our new green machine bike

Nikhil, Shahil and Avikash shows the donations provided by Punjas Lautoka.