Historical Background of the home and school

Veilomani means Love, Veilomani means sharing, Caring and helping especially, caring for those who need our protection and our love to grow. With this vision in mind, Veilomani Boys Home have been providing boys from our surrounding community and Fiji with a home to stay, care, counseling, tutoring and mentoring. Many of these disadvantage children came from broken or abusive homes and they need our attention, love, care and a decent education that could eventually provide a window of opportunity for future success. Our mission and vision is to safeguards forgotten children, orphans and vulnerable children from poverty, abandonment, child labour and child abuse. We introduce the fatherless to their Heavenly Father who is crazy about them.

Since 1876, the Methodist church in Fiji has been actively involved in child welfare work, largely through the efforts of Miss Hannah Dudley. The idea for a “Boys Home” was mooted by the Methodist Church in Fiji; around the year 1970 because it became necessary to find a home for orphan boys – particularly some boys who were then living at the Dilkusha Girls Home.

After a lot of search and survey the present property was bought from the David Sharon Family of Ba. The Home was finally established and officially opened and dedicated by Rev. Josateki Koroi on the 6th of November 1976.

And the continuous running and operation of the Home is only made possible though through the generous funding we have received from members of our community, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Education, the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma, Overseas Donors and the citizens of Fiji especially in Ba.

The Methodist Veilomani Rehabilitation and Vocational is a byproduct of The Methodist Veilomani Boys Home.

By 1985 it became abundantly clear that the children that were taken in the Home needed some form of training so that they would be able to find employment to earn a living. Thus in 1985 the Methodist Church built a small training Centre known as the Veilomani Rehabilitation Workshop. The young children were provided training in the following trade; Carpentry and Joinery, Automotive and Welding.

By the year 2005 Government also began to show interest and began to provide a small grant of around $15,000.00 per annum to assist the training programme for these young people. BY this time children from various individual Homes began to show keen interest in getting trained and the Centre began to take in children as day scholars. By the year 2009 when the Late Rev Sarwesh Kumar Singh took over the Superintendent ship of the Boys Home and also as the principal of the training Centre it became very clear that we needed to put in some professionalism in the training program. After much negotiation with Government and the Church the proposal was made to change the name of the training Centre and separate it as school.

Therefore in March 2012 the training Centre was renamed the “Methodist Veilomani Rehabilitation and Vocational College” and registered to become the 15th secondary school in Ba.

The college now trains young people in the following trades;

  1. Carpentry and Joinery

  2. Automotive Engineering

  3. Welding and Fabrication

  4. Computer and IT

They will receive certificate 2 after they finish 1 year course.